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Musharbash Exchange: 80 Years of Excellence

Musharbash Exchange LLC, is one of the pioneers in the Jordanian Money Exchange and financial services industry, with a success story full of accomplishments since 1940.
Musharbash Exchange LLC is the first Money Exchange Company licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan with license No. (1).
Musharbash Exchange is one of the leading companies in the local and external markets, providing its customers with distinctive services in all fields of foreign exchange and money transfers worldwide in addition to wire bank transfers to all banks in the world. The company maintain its credibility throughout Years due to the quality of services provided to our customers both personal and corporate.
As we are one of the first companies in the Money Exchange industry in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which has earned us a large customer base of all legal ages and nationalities based on high loyalty and honesty throughout our 80 years’ journey.

Our Story


We take it upon ourselves to provide our customers with all means of financial services, locally and internationally, with the highest specifications and standards to provide the best services in a manner that suits our customer’s requirements, financial and banking desires safely easily, high speed and competitive exchange rates.


Always remain the leaders in the Money Exchange and Financial services industry locally and internationally to expand our wide experiences over the past 80 years by developing it in all modern ways to innovate any new techniques and services in the Money Exchange, Remittances and Financial services globally.


  • Loyalty towards our customers.
  • To be the first and best option in providing all Financial services.
  • Continuous research and development to provide the latest financial services to keep pace with the times and provide a positive customer experience
  • The implementation of Human Resources for the best rehabilitation and training programs for the human cadre to meet the current and future needs of the company, which reflects the company's professionalism.
  • Satisfying all our customers by strengthening and expanding the spread of services points throughout the Kingdom by expanding our network of branches and agents.
  • Expanding the base of our company branches also to spread globally so that it enables us to serve our customers with distinction.
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