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Musharbash Training and Development Academy:

We believe that the professional development of our employees reflects our own professionalism as a company, that is how Msharbash Training and Development Academy came to life. The Academy serves as a training center for our employees and is devoted to the training and qualification of individuals in the field of international banking. The Academy also helps employees develop the needed skills to offer high-quality services for customers that qualify to complete in the market of world banking both locally and regionally.

Our Aims

  • - To provide qualified individuals that are able to tackle the banking updates, achieve excellence, and triumph over our competitors by offering them high quality training. Here at Musharbash Exchange, we consider the training of employees as an investment rather than an expense.
  • - To equip our employees with the skills and knowledge required to overcome deficiencies by comparing the required performance standards with current performance levels.
  • - Develop employees’ skills in order to reduce the work procedures and thus cutting operating costs, enhancing productivity and elevating the quality of the process.
  • - To help prepare the leaders who will manage the company in the future.
  • - Musharbash Academy fulfills all the needed training for its company’s employees by holding internal courses carried out at its main branch or by encouraging its employees to participate in courses held by local training institutes (Such as The Amman Chamber Of Commerce Training Academy) as well as courses and workshops held outside of Jordan held by well-known Arab or foreign trainers and consultants.
  • - Musharbash Academy exposes the company’s employees to the latest banking updates to improve their knowledge and paves the way for future development of the company.
  • - Musharbash Academy offers computer courses as well as multiple computer software courses.
  • - The Academy develops and enhances the educational, professional and technical skills of the company employees.
  • - Spreading banking theories and their applications amongst the employees and providing them with external banking professionals to guide them and help them grow professionally
  • - Help all the departments develop the company’s methods and procedures.
  • The training center is located in the main branch of Musharbash Money Exchange Company and is equipped with a training hall that fits 35 employees. The hall is supplied with state-of-the art visual and audio equipment, training computers and a library of banking journals to keep banking information within the employees’ reach at all times.

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